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luxury real estate

Islamabad is a city filled with monuments to enjoy, being placed alongside the scenic beauty of the Margalla hills. Its beauty is further enhanced by nature a whole lot, being the capital. A lot has been done when it comes to development and infrastructural work on Islamabad. This is the reason that people are attracted to moving to Islamabad or look for settling into the capital. That is why we are bringing you the following list of luxury apartments for rent or sale.

Defence Housing Authority

This should come as no surprise being added to the list of luxury real estate areas of the capital city, with its gated community status and amazing amenities that it provides to its residents, it’s obvious that some of the best and luxury apartments are placed within the defense housing authority Islamabad. There are both properties for rent as well as for sale that a person could look into depending on what they want. Properties for sale for up to 1 Kanal can be found here which goes up for more than 4.5 crores in value. Rental properties of 1 Kanal could go for 1.3-1.4 Lakhs in worth for rent.

DHA in regards to holding high end and luxury real estate is the top contender for the category in Islamabad.

Bahria Town

Similarly to DHA, Bahria town is another amazing place to buy and rent luxury properties in Islamabad. Providing it’s residents the much-desired amenities and security of the gated community. Bahria town holds some of the most aesthetically pleasing properties in Islamabad which are up for sale. The rates are more or less the same with 1 Kanal houses going for up to 4.5 and above in rates for sale. The state of the art architecture is something that attracts those who want to look into luxury real estate towards Bahria Town. Rental properties of 1 Kanal could go for up to 2.5 Lakh in worth.


Holding luxury properties in Gulberg greens, Gulberg Residencia, Gulberg business square are all the luxury properties one could want to buy or to rent. There are a wide variety and range of properties that one could look into buying in Gulberg greens. However, the luxury properties that are farmhouses are going up to 20 Kanals in area and worth around 25 crores. Rental properties like Farmhouses are present here with the rent value of 5 lakhs for 5 Kanals.


Like other above e-11 does not enjoy the status of being a gated community however that doesn’t mean that it does not hold luxury properties within itself. Houses up to 6 marlas in the area are going for worth higher than 5.5 crores, whose architectural aesthetic and luxury state of the art appearance speaks for itself. Whereas rental prices for houses up to 1 Kanal would be up to 10 Lakh.

Islamabad being the capital city of Islamabad attracts attention from the top of the business-owning community, making the appearance of luxury property on the real estate market quite common to be up for sale or be up for rent. We hope this article was informative for you.

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