How to buy a home with a good resale value?

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Buying a house for living purposes or using it for rental purposes is one of the major decisions one has to make when time and opportunity allows for it. However, being ahead of the game and looking for a home in the first place gives you good resale value in the future. Here are a few tips which will help you to buy home with a good resale value;

Make Sure that Systems are in Good Shape

Usually when an already lived in the house is put up for sale, a fault in the wiring, water or gas pipeline systems is going to be a big factor that many potential buyers will sway away from. In other cases the resale value of this home will drop, keeping in mind these faults found within the property. So make sure that the house you are buying or are living in keeps its systems running well and inflow so that it amounts to a reasonably good resale value in your favor.

Look for Desirable Features

The most loved features that are found in a house are lawns, a garage, as well as some extra bedrooms that can hold larger families, a storage space, a front gate, and attached bathrooms. These features are most desirable to most home buyers. If done correctly, the home you are buying now will have a very desirable resale value in the future. For example, a property in Islamabad which has all the aforementioned desired features is going to be resold for a higher price than a house that does not have these features.

Neighborhood and Amenities

The most obvious aspect of what affects a house’s property is its location and surrounding. A house in a well-developed gated community is going to be much more expensive and valuable than a standalone house with not much population or facilitation around it. That is why the value of the homes can skyrocket or go on a down, depending on where it is located. Buying a house in an area where the neighborhood and reputation for the area is good and the area is secured for its residents and has good schools, shops, and hospitals in the surroundings is going to be favorable in the future as it will have a good resale value.

Size and Level

The size of the house for example in Marla’s or Kanals is going to be directly proportional in all cases to the resale price for it. However, some studies on a property for sales have revealed that houses that only have one floor or level are more preferred nowadays then multi-storied houses, so a house consisting of the ground floor will seem more desirable for buyers and they might be convinced to pay a desirable resale price for you.

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