How to Keep Your Family Safe During an Earthquake?

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Earthquakes are a natural disaster and an unfortunate yet inevitable event that happens during the lifetime of this world. There are precautions and preparatory steps to be taken to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. This article puts forward a few pieces of advice as to how you can keep yourself and your family safe when such unfortunate events do happen.


Overall experts have put forward that the preparatory phase for earthquake emergencies should consist of preparing your house, your family as well as your general community, drills can be practiced with community or family to avoid any panic and therefore mishaps, ultimately leading to the loss of property and life in such events. These drills or information sessions with your family should include where one should escape in case of an earthquake. For ease of navigation prepare emergency lights at easily accessible places around the house as power outs are most likely to occur during an earthquake. Keeping your car in check in case you have to drive in emergency. All these preparatory steps will ensure that you can avoid any trouble when such events do happen. Keeping an extensive supply of first aid in case of any major to minor injuries before the person is taken by the paramedics is also a great idea to ensure their safety. Holding down any shelved heavy boxes and crates through ropes is also a great precaution to avoid hazards.

When an Earthquake Hits

Three commands should be the first thing that comes to your mind in case of an earthquake; drop, cover and hold. A sudden and abrupt shaking of the platform you are standing on can send you completely off balance, that is why it is important to drop down to a crawling position or even lay down to feel more stable to the shocks and not topple over and injure yourself. If the earthquake impact is devastating enough that there is any debris falling off and around your surroundings covering up your head and neck region which are vital and sensitive to damage is a great option. Either hold over a blanket to absorb any impact they might take or simple shield these regions with your arms to save yourself from any damage and injury. Running around and panicking is going to be the number one cause of injuries and possibly some fatalities during an earthquake. You cannot guarantee your balance while the earth shakes so holding down in one place is the best option to go for.

Post-Earthquake Assessment

Once the shaking of the earth has completely stopped then you can get to navigate the damage if any, to your property and housemates, if there is a power outage use the torch of your phone to search around and gather the people. In case of any emergency, immediately get to the healthcare center and meanwhile nurse the affected person with first aid options. If you are in a building that seemed affected by the impact, take your time and watch your step to walk out of this building to a place of safety where you are safe from hazards.

Above are some baseline tips that are necessary for safety to ensure that you and your loved ones are going to survive an earthquake. We hope this article was helpful to you.

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