Investment Analysis of Pakistan Real Estate 2020

Pakistan Real Estate

Unfortunately due to political up rages that have caused instability in the region as well as faulty policies and declining economy, Pakistani real estate industry faced a storm in the year 2019, however there are still chances that the year 2020 will be different.

Better Understanding of Policies

The change of policies in the year 2019 like real-estate tax policy amendment may have been a shock or may be difficult to get into the heads of investors and warded off new investors in the industry. However with the passage of time, these policies have become easier to understand as well as to cooperate with. With this better understanding the sense of intimidation from the real estate sector seems to have subsided is inviting a new flow of investors.

New Emerging Investment Hotspots

Nationally renowned housing scheme of Defense Housing Authority will easy amass the most amount of attention for investments and deals during 2020. DHA has extended its reach to the bigger and more prominent cities one of which is Karachi which will see the most amount of investment. In comparison to residential plots, commercial plots have much more value, making it one of the best areas for investment not only for the returns in monetary form but also because of its solid infrastructure.

Bahria Town Karachi

Similar to how DHA project in Karachi is going to be one of the biggest hotspots for investment in Karachi, Bahria town also makes the cut for one of the best. The lack of power deficit and security issues that are to be faced, Bahria town is another one of the best places to invest into. For the high class investors, bahria town Karachi is an amazing area to invest into for the luxury lifestyle and security methods they follow.

Need of Government Support

Whereas the renowned are like DHA, Bahria and other relating developed societies are holding the head of the real estate sector high, there is still going to be need of government support and funding to meet the ever increasing demands. One of the biggest issues in the country is of affordability, which is causing the present housing crisis, the government solutions still need to be implemented to their best potential if the real estate industry is to flourish even further.

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